I write a monthly newsletter called Mandatory Fun!

I spend a whole lot of time chasing "fun," and I want *you* to benefit from the insane amount of planning/plotting that goes into that chase - hence, this newsletter. 

So here's some of what you can expect to see in your inbox on the first Monday of each month: 

  • Activities that will lure you away from your desk/couch/bed and out into the world!

  • Activities that will make you excited to run home to your couch/bed and be present in your own little corner of the world!

  • The yummiest things I've eaten, my favorite activities and adventures, what I'm reading, the best dogs I've pet - and more.

  • Lots of New York, a little Chicago, and a tiny bit of elsewhere.

  • Some product recommendations - you can't buy fun, but you can definitely buy things that make it easier to have fun.

  • And, if an activity/restaurant/recipe/product/etc. appears in this newsletter, you better believe I've personally tried it.